Japanese Baby Gender Predictor

Japanese Calendar for Baby Gender Prediction 2019-2020-2021.

All you need to know to predict the gender of baby is:
  1. MOB : Month of Birth of Mother and Father to get the Secret Number.
  2. MOC: Month of Conception, after you got the secret number you need to know the month of Conception
Step 1: At table 1 below, find out the number where the father’s month of birth meets the mother’s month of birth. It is the Secret Number.

Step 2: At table 2, find out the baby gender by crossing the month of conception with the secret number.

Father’s month of birth : Augustus
Mother’s month of birth : July
Month of conception : January

At table 1, you get the secret number 11 by crossing the father’s month of birth (Augustus) with the mother’s month of birth (July). Then at table 2, cross the secret number 11 with the month of conception (January), and you will get the predicted gender which is a boy in this case.

Japanese Baby Gender Predictor Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Kravei Roktic


  1. Father month of birth :april
    Mother month of birth: february
    Month of conception: December